Defining the Best Strategy

This is a common question of clients who come to us. Our firm has the right specialty to help you with preventive and corrective actions, guiding you on the best way for each situation.

  • Tax Law

    Litigation – Defense of administrative proceedings (Tax Assessment Notices) and judicial proceedings seeking the cancelation of collections lacking legal basis and the advantage of the best conditions for the concession of regular or special debt installment plans. Filing of lawsuits aiming at reducing the future tax burden and/or recovering tax credits.
    Advisory – Response to inquiries, preparation of opinions, and tax planning advice to ensure the adoption of the best regimes and the lawful economy of taxes. Tax review and administrative recovery of untimely credits and of taxes improperly collected and/or overcharged taxes.
  • Civil Law

    Litigation – Recovery and/or preservation of assets and rights, representation in lawsuits involving breach of contract, issues related to possession and ownership, as well as damages cases. In Family Law, representation in cases involving alimony and child support, custody and child access arrangements, interdiction, divorce, as well as in the acknowledgement of stable marital relationships, paternity, civil registry rectification, and probate proceedings.
    Advisory – Analysis and drawing up of agreements. Guidance on the best practices in deeds and several public instruments, including, but not limited to, gifts, wills, cohabitation agreements, and prenuptial agreements.
  • Corporate Law

    Litigation – Oversight and defense in corporate actions, such as the partial or total dissolution of companies, rendering of management accounts, and other disputes involving company members or shareholders.
    Advisory – Company formation, preparation and filing of amendments to articles of incorporation/organization, as well as guidance, discussion, and the drafting of agreements of company members or shareholders. Advice on corporate reorganization, equity protection, and succession planning projects.
  • Labor Law

    Litigation – Monitoring and defense of individual or collective Labor Claims, notifications and assessments of the MTE - Ministry of Labor and Employment and the MPT - Labor Prosecutors' Office, as well as any other supervisory bodies of occupational safety and health standards.
    Advisory –Drawing up of opinions and responses to inquiries on hiring and termination forms, interpretation of occupational safety and health standards, policies for job positions and salaries, and guidelines on the application of sanctions (warnings/suspensions). Negotiation and execution of collective agreements.

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